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Joined: 17.Feb.2015
Points: 44
Direct Link To This Post Posted: 18.Sep.2016 at 7:15pm
Question 1:  What is the ONE thing you want MOST in game?
This is a loaded question as there is a list of items I and many others would like to see.  Due to this, I will make a list. And the final one will be what I want most.
1. I would like to see an active support team. Online everyday and interacting with the community.  Cracking jokes, hosting events, being a part of the community - but at the same time being impartial and fair when dealing with infractions.  This would make players feel that they are being listened to when different things happen or are introduced within the game.
2. Some sort of PvE endgame.  Once one reaches the max level, what is there to do?  Wait for wars?  A bit boring.  There were some good ideas for this once (Marduk, Ariel Wars, BG) however they were all PVP based, where you need a certain amount of players for the event to happen.  If there was a PvE endgame that gave actual rewards (such as BM opt runes, high plus gear +24-28, plussing supplies - and a decent amount at that 10/10/10 for instance) that added to the story of the game I do believe it would pull more players in.
3.  Speaking of the 'story of the game'... What is Iveria? How did it come to be?  Why are there two factions warring against each other every day and going for a castle once per week?  How did the Documents come to be?  What happened to the old mat farming documents?  Why is there a thing such as PvP gear that has more stats than normal gear?  Even when I started playing back in 2009 there was very little to suggest there was an actual story behind.. 4STORY.  With the word 'story' in the name of the game, wouldnt that suggest a PvE undertone in the game with a story that would interest players that are into that sort of a game?  This would also aid in creating a PvE endgame as suggested in '2'.
4. Revert to things that were considered an achievement back in the day.  When I started, a PvP weapon meant you spent many hours farming for the mats to create a weapon that would give you an edge when PvPing.  This was a HUGE achievement within the game, often requiring a lot of help from people you met within the game and/or your guild.  Now adays, if you have the money, you can purchase a PvP weapon from the cash shop, taking away from what was once one of the biggest achievements within the game.  This is once such 'thing' that I am referring to.  Maybe other players can weigh in on this and come up with some other ideas.
5. Speaking of 'if you have the money.'  Pretty much if you can spend money on the game, you can be a force.  Yes, mastering your class takes some time, but if you have high plussed gear, you can be tough to kill regardless.  I remember many times in tournaments (specific class, more often than all class, but all class as well) the player who could outlast the other's attacks would come out on top.  Most times this player had the better gear, and therefore more money spent on the game.  Where I am going with this is to allow players who do not have money to spend on the game to be able to become a force within the game as well.  Allow opportunities for all players to earn top notch gear without spending money on the game.  Bosses that drop high plussed items, plussing items, or of the likes.  Make an opportunity to obtain good gear without plussing (+16 drops in marduk was a good idea, but would need to be reworked).
6. Dungeons that are more difficult, with better rewards, all of them.  Most dungeons within the game are obsolete these days.  When I started in 4story in 2009, it was recommended that starting at level 19, every 10 levels I do the dungeon that matched the level I was (19, 29, 39, 49, etc) because they gave alot of exp and allowed one to level a bit faster.  Now adays, it is faster just to grind it out in the docs.  
I know you probably dont want to hear it, but take World of Warcraft for example... they have numerous dungeons that align with many different levels (16-25 for example), and give ample experience to players of those levels as well as equipment to help them along.
Now I am not saying make 4story a carbon copy of World of Warcraft.  In fact, I would be a bit angry if you did.  But what I am saying is make dungeons relevant again.  Allow ample experience for doing the dungeon for a certain level range with rewards that would make the dungeons worth doing.
7.  Make Battlegrounds its own thing.  Yes there can be rewards for playing and playing well, but dont make them a way to level or the way to become the highest honor player for the month.

I feel like I do need to make this a point... raiding would be another cool aspect to be added to the game of 4story, however with TW and SW being a HUGE thing, the raiding aspect is already covered by the PvP side of the game.  I understand 4Story is mostly a PVP game, therefor I would hate to take away from the daily wars with a PvE raiding aspect (using 30 player groups to kill some epic monster for the reward).

There are probably things I am forgetting, and if I remember them I will edit my post.

I guess what I am driving at with all of my points here is there is pretty much no PvE aspects left in the game of 4Story.    In order to keep players interested there needs to be some sort of story behind why things are happening as well as an endgame that is worth playing (in terms of story and rewards).  Yes, 4story is a PVP game.  Yes, it needs to stay a PVP game.  BUT there needs to be SOMETHING for people to do when wars are not going on.  IF you give players something to do, a story to follow, dungeons with good rewards to run, etc, you will have more players in the game - which gives more players who will go to PvP areas and start wars, and in turn, more wars that pop up throughout the day giving more players something to do... whatever they're interested in.

Question 2:  Choose one item you would most like to see in the "DAILY GIFT EVENT"?
If there were rewards worth working for within the game I honestly do not see a need for a 'Daily Gift Event'.
HOWEVER, in order to get to that point the game may need this as a pull to bring in new players to make the game more attractive.  This being said, saddles, plussing items (+3, tincs, serens), opting runes, the occasional BM opt (extremely rare), things that aid in obtaining good gear without having to spend money on the game would help.

Question 3:  What type of new dungeon would you like to see in-game?
While I do believe all dungeons should be reworked so that each and every one are worth going to (see #6 in question 1), I believe a legit endgame dungeon or multiple dungeons would do the game well.  Also dungeons that mimic PvP raids in AW/SW that would assist guilds in team development for AW/SW but are not available during the time when these events are going on so as not to take away from the PVP side, but rather enhance it would/could enhance the PvE side of the game... which again, I believe is one of the things 4story lacks the most... a STORY

Question 4: How would you describe a highly difficult level dungeon?
Most games do not have one specific dungeon that is just ridiculously difficult.  HOWEVER this could be a cool aspect to the game.  A dungeon that requires multiple GUILDS (1/2/3/4/etc) to work in tandem, each with a 10/20/30/etc player team, with antiquate rewards for each player as well as each guild when they complete it (gear, items, whatever).

Question 5: What is a good cash shop reward for a highly difficult dungeon?
Special mounts, perma saddles, plussing items (no fail items, +4 or higher scrolls, 400% pots, etc), high plus gear (like +24 or higher gear... hell p4story, the highest populated 4story server there is currently that I can see, you can win a +24 item (the max in p4story) in the lottery, which you get to participate in when you participate in certain world events - just an example), bm opt runes/items

Question 6: What is a good animation, beautiful monsters and areas for the new dungeon?
Honestly, reading this question, it makes me think you already have your mind made up that you are going to make a new dungeon.  One new dungeon that is tough to complete with new rewards may bring back some older players for a week or two, but they will become bored quickly and leave again. BIGGER changes need to happen to this game other than just a new dungeon... MUCH BIGGER.  I will not answer this question based on my answer.

4story is one of the best games I have ever played and I hate to see it in the condition it is in.  I would love to see the game relive its glory days, but it will take some time to repair what has been damaged throughout the years:
(just a few examples)
+pvp weapons/armor becoming obsolete
+upping the performance levels (38/40)44) - most players see as a money fishing exercise.
+upping the plus cap (even if it was supposed to be upped from the start... it was done too late and drove people who had maxed gear away) - again most saw as a money fishing exercise
+upping the level cap wayyyyyyyyyy to quickly - World of Warcraft released in 2004, just got to a level 110 cap at the end of August in 2016, 4story  released in 2008 moved to a level 140 cap in what, 2013/14?)

Even with the damage I do believe it can be repaired.  Especially if the developers, gms, cms, and players work together to convey ideas to each other and help to make the game the best it can be.  However, it starts from both the top (Zemi), and the bottom (all players).  If this post is legit and Zemi is looking for a way to revive the game, then LISTEN TO THE PLAYERS.  Players, give the developers a chance to come up with ideas to change things before you decide its all bull**** (pardon my french).

Honestly, I dont even care to get the reward...  Im sure you can find my name if you think I deserve something.

**Edit 10/3/2016**
I was just clicking through your site... most things under the 'Game Guide' page dont even have a page attached to them (you cant click on them to see what they are).  I assume - though I dont know the truth to this - there are other pages with the same problem within the website.  How are new players supposed to learn about the game prior to downloading?  Most gamers these days (at least in my experience) want to read about the game and learn a thing or two before they download and start playing.  If I were a new player to 4story and I tried going to the website, I would probably never download the game because it has a poor design as well as poor or no descriptions of the game.
Also make one news feed for the entire game to relay things that are going on (maintenance, patches, etc).  Right now under the 'news' tab there are 3 choices: Notice, Events, and Updates - none of which tell you much about anything ya'll are doing.  Make that one feed and go into more detail about whats going on.  This will help build trust between you and the players.  
Also dont post things that should be posted in one or all of the categories (in the news feed) in the Forums.  Posting one thing on the forums, and another in the news column discourage players and makes them want to leave...
And just to make my point on communication even further... the Developers blog... yet another way (5 by my count now) y'all try to convey ideas and updates to the players.  I, and most others, wont pick through 5 different methods of communication just to attempt to piece together what in the world is going on with the game... again make this one news channel, and be upfront and honest.

Edited by Maverick - 03.Oct.2016 at 7:24pm
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Joined: 20.Jun.2015
Points: 74
Direct Link To This Post Posted: 25.Sep.2016 at 1:47pm
As a longtime and supporter player of 4Story...
That i want to see most most most in game is all repetitive quests between levels 80-140 be replaced with unique new main quests that give more exp and will be interesting to complete them and with a storyline follow the game and many great-thought things with enough exp!
Cause ALL players are bored of doing the same and the same!! AGAIN AND AGAIN! (Thats what i want most) BUT improve PvP and game balance on everything!
FOR the dungeon now.. i would love to see compliment things like strategy moves on dungeons. And underwater walks and big monster with aoe skills and raid-group to complete. With no common rewards as every mode again :(
Anywaya i thought of this and i think i wikk agree with "Connect" the player from above ideeas! Are very good.

But whatever game need more improvement! On big and small things as revive try make develoers SEE WHAT WE TELL YOU WILL EARN SUPER MONEY by doing this Pro MMORPG again and advertise this! Please hear our ideeas and alot more things!
We wait something!! Bye

Edited by Lasting - 25.Sep.2016 at 1:49pm
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Joined: 01.Apr.2015
Points: 3
Direct Link To This Post Posted: 28.Sep.2016 at 3:42am

As a very old 4story player, that loved this game from the beginning, Played warrior no matter how weak the class became,

Question 1:  What is the ONE thing you want MOST in game?
I want devs to take some time and make warrior actually playable. As a class it lost its two main purpose:
1.being a tank
2.countering assasins.

I really want warrior to become an almost unkillable tank because zerk or hybrid warrior never works.in current game playing a warrior is pointless;
Because of how the game pvp works, you need to close distances very fast , and no matter how tanky you are, if you get stunned, you're gonna die.(and buffs wont help because archers)
This alone makes warrior a very hard class to play in big fights,and the extreme cooldowns on critical skills, also the fact that you have to stop and channel to use your key skills, makes it a bad class compared to an assassin, who is also a melee class but after your rework its a much faster, much more creative class.Its wonderfull what a good assasin can do.
So why not rework the warrior?
My ideas are:
1.Buff sword and shield skill tree, add shield skills like priest have, maybe add a timing based blocking ability that reflects a skill aimed at you(which should take a lot of skill to use, but have no channel so its skill based and fair)
2.increase base magic armor. seriously,
we take damage like wet noodles.
3.reduce stun cooldowns, it hurts the pvp potential the most.
4.give us some mobility. Zemi pls, I would love to see my warrior POP OUT OF A SQUIRREL,THEN CHARGE AT THE ENEMY PRIEST AND MURDER HIM WITH AN AXE.
in conclusion, make axe warrior a faster class, and make defence warrior an actual tank, a true tank should have a shield, heal and a taunt,maybe even a reflect ability. you don't call one a tank just because he wears a shield.

so I want zemi to open their heart to us,warrior players, as we suffered the most from the lack of communication with us,I grew up with this game, 

I wont answer any other questions. I don't play the game at the moment because of you devs refusing to change anything about the class I love and play for YEARS. not even an answer.I remember how sad I was when I left this game,I never wanted to leave, but feeling like you guys never cared, I had to make a decision and leave.
So you show me you actually care for us by changing up things, and I promise, I will return, and I will advertise your game via my youtube channel too :P

Edited by ensar492 - 28.Sep.2016 at 4:06am
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FireMichko View Drop Down

Joined: 24.Jan.2015
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: 28.Sep.2016 at 4:28pm
1.the thing i want most in game are fire effects and pvp:D
2.as daily gift event item i want teleport scrool
3.i want to see dungeon that have fire monsters and drops cs tradeable cs items like in gameforge 
4.i would describe it as full party of max levels needed for the finishing cuz some people like when its chalenging like mardok when it was first time added on server
5.upgrade things for sure:D
6.good animation well u need to make it like expanding area with huge and medium monsters

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Joined: 04.Oct.2016
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: 04.Oct.2016 at 1:54pm
Question 1:  What is the ONE thing you want MOST in game?
As a player, I want more mass PVP in the game since that is the only time people seem to log on. It is also the one thing that this game really shines at when compared to other games.

Question 2:  Choose one item you would most like to see in the "DAILY GIFT EVENT"?

As a player, I want some excitement with the daily gift event, not just a 50l box in my mail. Send out lotto boxes or other rewards that have an element of chance/luck and that are worth something more when lucky.

Question 3:  What type of new dungeon would you like to see in-game?
As a player, I want a dungeon that has different areas for different types of loot so that I can farm them depending on what crafting project I have.

Question 4: How would you describe a highly difficult level dungeon?
As a player who has played this game for a few years, I want a dungeon like the original Mardook, before the cap increase. It was challenging, could not be completed solo for most players and gave great rewards (e.g. 9vit plussable necklaces)

Question 5: What is a good cash shop reward for a highly difficult dungeon?
As a player who always works on different 'projects' (gears, jewels, weapons) I would want to get different CS items in different areas. Good CS rewards would be materials that would be better than max drops but less than GM items (e.g. 12-13 speed drops, 48vit blue jewels, etc)

Question 6: What is a good animation, beautiful monsters and areas for the new dungeon?
As a player who ran Mardook back in the day, I liked the atmosphere of that dungeon as a 'hellish' place with lava pits, flames shooting out of the floor, and the eerie sound effects.


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Direct Link To This Post Posted: 17.Oct.2016 at 7:32am
Question 1:  What is the ONE thing you want MOST in game?
As a player who played 4Story for over 7 years, what I really want the most is fair PVP. 

In the early days of this game, it was fun to have little fights everywhere during the wars. Today it's just boring. The game got so overloaded with things that destroy pvp. Almost unlimited amount of transport scrolls, cash healing potts, revive scrolls, cash skills (medals), crafting (not even worth to be called crafting) that needs cash items for pvp weapons, the new max is +26 only to introduce new cash upgrade items that cost even more than the ones before. It's just no fun. Why giving every class the unique abilities of the warrior and the assassin (eye and invisible) and even worse for cash only? Just stop it. Medal abilities should be removed asap. Transportation scrolls. 1 vs 1 got impossible. Either the other player teleports away or get's his whole group with scrolls. Give those scroll time limits (tactical items) or let only guild Raid/Group leader use them, or whatever. Just regulate the use and amount of those scrolls in a sane way.

I really really would love to see the pvp part of the game cleaned up and removed from the cash side of the game. There are so many things 4Story could turn to money that doesn't affect the gameplay. Look at the success of League Of Legends. I am well aware 4Story is different and it's by no means a moba, but their free to play concept is actually really free. People spend money there because they like to, not because they need to. What this game needs is more players so mass pvp becomes fun again. But with the current "pay to win" touch this game has, that's never going to happen.

The second most important thing would be: less repeatable quests. Doing the same Quest 200+ times for 1 Level is ridiculous.

Question 2:  Choose one item you would most like to see in the "DAILY GIFT EVENT"?
Not playing on the global servers anymore, but I would actually love to see the daily comeback bonus reintroduced. It was an awesome and cheap way to keep player coming back every day. 

Question 3:  What type of new dungeon would you like to see in-game?
A dungeon like the old removed ones, where you can farm different materials for crafting. Of course that would also require a new (old) crafting system. Currently, crafting is a joke and not even worth being called crafting. Everyone throws away 200er stacks of those items because they aren't needed. When pvp Weapons were introduced, to craft a single pvp 38 weapon one needed to collect:

For the lvl 34 weapon:

1536 Magic Crystal
384 Magical Herbs
288 Document of Antiquity
384 Stone of Wisdom
288 Almanac of Antiquity

2304 Gleaming Red Herbs
2304 Gleaming Blue Herbs
4416 Gleaming Green Herbs
384 Recipe for large potions
384 Experimenter's tools

24 Water of the worlds
96 Cleansing Potion

and next for the actual lvl 38 weapon:

3072 Magic Crystal
768 Magical Herbs
576 Document of Antiquity
768 Stone of Wisdom
576 Almanac of Antiquity

4608 Gleaming Red Herbs
4608 Gleaming Blue Herbs
8832 Gleaming Green Herbs
768 Recipe for large potions
768 Experimenter's tools

48 Water of the worlds
192 Cleansing Potion

And it was worth all the time spent. That is exactly what crafting should be all about. Spending time to gather all resources others are too lazy to gather, all set up in additional dungeons (could be the old dungeons reintroduced) and a great reward at the end (exclusive gear, mount, etc.).

Question 4: How would you describe a highly difficult level dungeon?
I would love to see a dungeon where a full group with all +20 pvp gear would struggle, only barely make it. Pretty much like Mardook before it got nerfed.

Question 5: What is a good cash shop reward for a highly difficult dungeon?
As I already wrote, I'd love to see pvp becoming less dependent on real cash instead more on crafting, farming and trade. So a highly difficult dungeon could give a pack of (currently cash shop) crafting items to improve gear. Or if crafting gets reworked some really rare crafting material. Doesn't need to be a cash item at all. If it's worth the effort.

Question 6: What is a good animation, beautiful monsters and areas for the new dungeon?
The old Narwashi Battle War and Second War Dungeons were great. Should be easy enough to bring them back. Another beautiful "Dungeon" would be located on the Blonea map with the thieves / witches like in the mission or on the Bina map with the eagles. Or well.. What really would be fun is an underwater dungeon (would surely be tricky and fun LOL).

While those answers weren't only one sentence, they were still only a tiny bit of feedback we on the german servers provided to zemi via gameforge. I am well aware not everything can be implemented, hell probably not even 10% should actually be implemented, but it would be great to see that the feedback actually gets read. Your Dev Blog, which unfortunately is pretty deserted now, would have been a great place to respond to player feedback and showing what can and can't be implemented and what's being worked on. 2 Hours a week that are worth thousands of dollars of ads and commercials. Player's don't like developers that do not communicate with them.

Regards CriticalError

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CriticalErrorD View Drop Down

Joined: 13.Sep.2015
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: 24.Nov.2016 at 3:24am
Any news on this topic? Like what ideas are possible to implement with a reasonable amount of work. What ideas you (the developer) also think are good/great. How you will proceed with these ideas and so on?

Feedback shouldn't be a 1-way street.

Talk to us :)

Edited by CriticalErrorD - 24.Nov.2016 at 3:25am
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NarutoUzumaki View Drop Down

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Direct Link To This Post Posted: 28.Nov.2016 at 2:28pm
I think they wanted these for their next update. Not sure if enough people responded on time.
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burnn View Drop Down

Joined: 29.Nov.2016
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: 29.Nov.2016 at 1:21pm
As a near 5 year player on and off, I want better support, so players have a reason to come back
Question 1:  What is the ONE thing you want MOST in game? I want the game to be full again with players that are happy with what is going on.
Question 2:  Choose one item you would most like to see in the "DAILY GIFT EVENT"? Saddles and premium whips.
Question 3:  What type of new dungeon would you like to see in-game? A lot harder dungeon that requires level 140 and a full party, gives good drops.
Question 4: How would you describe a highly difficult level dungeon? Bosses and monsters that hit people with full 24 hard, debuffs, blocks skills, and respawns about 5 times
Question 5: What is a good cash shop reward for a highly difficult dungeon? Saddles and premium whips, exp marbles for other toons, effect changes, gear changes, 3x scrolls.
Question 6: What is a good animation, beautiful monsters and areas for the new dungeon? Something that looks like an old area of 4story, I think players like the old scenes more than the new ones. Like 30 and 40 doc are very nice. But nothing goes on in there anymore.
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evillar-061 View Drop Down

Joined: 30.Nov.2016
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: 30.Nov.2016 at 8:46pm
Hi GMs & Developers of Zemi - as a very old player & a fan of 4Story, I have wrote what I think the biggest problem with 4Story is, and I hope you read all of this.

As a long 4Story player since 2009, I always loved 4Story. There were many times I have quit the game but I kept coming back to the game. One of my favourite time was during 2012-2013 which I made so many friends online including many GMs & CMs such as CM Frosty and GM Tyrant. In April 2013, I was also offered to be a CM by GM Tyrant (I still have the email) - however the 4Story management team changed (thats what the new GM told me) and the CM offer was gone before I could even reply. Then the new BG came into the game. Personally, I really did enjoy BG at the start - I started quite late compared to other old famous BG players such as Kamz, Teddy, TheFate, Zero etc but I managed to rank up to be in top 15 for a very long time (under the name Sayone) until I quit in mid-2014 (my main is 2014).

I want to see you developers at Zemi to make BG a seperate mini-game to the 4Story world. Leveling up and rewards are too heavily involved to the 'real 4Story world'. Although I was a very competitive BG player, I was hoping you guys would remove BG because since it came out, we hardly see any new players grinding etc. I remember back in 2009/2010 on my first account (I was a Fug back then) where I saw so many new players hunting Murrays at those newbie map. I remember meeting and chatting to many people, doing quests together and hunting monsters together. Now the 4Story these days are all focused on BG, wars and making real money (which is 100% fair enough as you developers deserve to make money by running this awesome game). I wish you guys used your marketing side more towards the new players to make this game full of many kinds of people. As most of you know, whenever I come back to 4Story, I see the same old group of people logged on all the time - Bullard, Kamz, EddieMurphie, Aezar, xanxas, sofia, borad etc...

So in conclusion, I wish you either remove BG or change the system of BG so it does not interfere with the 'real' 4Story's world. In addition, I hope you make this game more newbie-friendly. Because I remember back in 2012 when I used to meet many newbies - which I gave out so many in-game money & items because they cannot even afford a +18. Without CS, it is pretty impossible to go up even to +12.

So that was my honest opinion - if CM Frosty and GM Tyrant still play & work with 4Story, please say hi to them from me. I will most likely to return soon.

Kind Regards,
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