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Direct Link To This Post Topic: USER STORY
    Posted: 22.Aug.2016 at 2:51am


Please take a moment to take part in this.
Your story will be similar to your opinion on what you would like to see in the game.

Please make your story as specific and understandable as possible.

Your story should be formatted like this:
Beginning: "As a..."
Middle: "I want..."
End: "So that..."
A simple sentence that contains a WHO ("As a..."), a WHAT ("I want...") and a WHY ("So that...") 

Some sentence starts could be:

1. As a player, I want this so that this can be done.
2. As a guild leader, I want this because...
3. As a normal solo player, I want this because...

And should answer these questions:
Question 1:  What is the ONE thing you want MOST in game?
Question 2:  Choose one item you would most like to see in the "DAILY GIFT EVENT"?
Question 3:  What type of new dungeon would you like to see in-game?
Question 4: How would you describe a highly difficult level dungeon?
Question 5: What is a good cash shop reward for a highly difficult dungeon?
Question 6: What is a good animation, beautiful monsters and areas for the new dungeon?

Now please - we know there will be many issues you would like to get across because just one idea
isn't going to fix the problem. But before we can get there we need to know what you personally want
the most.

As appreciation for you participating we will reward you with 100 Gold CS (premium cash shop currency) PER QUESTION so a total of 600 GOLD, 
so just below your story please leave your in-game character name with correct spelling.

Thank you for your participation
Zemi Interactive 

Edited by Administrator - 29.Aug.2016 at 4:27pm
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: 22.Aug.2016 at 7:49pm
As a result of the new max level being introduced to 4Story, I found it rather hard to level up with so little questing after the 90's. This definitely was too big of a jump when it comes down to it.

I want there to be tons of quests between 100 and 140 that will allow for the max level of 140 to be reached without having to purchase tons of exp marbles and having to plus all your equipment to such great plusses just to be able to kill some mobs.

So that, in conclusion, the gameplay will be much more balanced because as it stands now, it's easy to get to 90 with certain quests and grinds, but going all the way to 140 with that long grind and little to no quests left leave the game at an extremely boring state that pushes us players to not really be that interested in continuing due to the long durations of repeating the exact same task over and over. We need new stuff to keep a spark ignited in our hearts.

My character name:

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mauryshannon471 View Drop Down

Joined: 22.Aug.2016
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: 22.Aug.2016 at 10:45pm
I am Madmar, player of 6 years, the thing that i would desire more for this game is to expand the levels to like 160 with more territories and to give out more incentives to play. I have already spoken to Nyox about this.
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4StoryGoddess1 View Drop Down

Joined: 22.Aug.2016
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: 22.Aug.2016 at 11:26pm
Hi there!

As a player of close to two years, I have noticed a steady decline of players to this game and its heart breaking.   It was really fun when we had daily events other than just AW and TW.  Daily log in gifts and daily events, I feel, seemed to bring in a lot more players.  With that being said...

I WANT to see the daily log in gifts (decent gifts - not so many rare enchant, enchant scrolls, etc) and daily events come back such as Monster Invasion and BOTW (perhaps not requiring 30 players per side). 

So that, in conclusion,  better rewards for players and their log on participation could attract people back to the game.



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judgment View Drop Down

Joined: 22.Aug.2016
Points: 8
Direct Link To This Post Posted: 22.Aug.2016 at 11:38pm
as a player of 4s,one thing i would want most is to bring back  all the perma itemas like saddles,whips,pet skills etc.So that in time people will start to buy iteams from cs and boost the game from a diffrent way
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jrpombo View Drop Down

Joined: 23.Aug.2016
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: 22.Aug.2016 at 11:55pm
As a player in 4story I want to bring back the players so this game will have a life again, I see this now as fail admin but you it can still be fixed. Wish this could be back again to where it was to be. and some daily login gift is plus.

I want the fun to be back again

so that it would help you as a admin an a player to be not greedy and ugly.



Edited by jrpombo - 31.Aug.2016 at 12:06am
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Connect View Drop Down

Joined: 23.Aug.2016
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: 23.Aug.2016 at 2:36am
  As an OLD players of 4Story on both GF and ZEMi Server i know the game good enough. As post says  i cant chose 1 thing game needs not cause dont need anything but because GAME NEED MANY THINGS. So i will talk general. 
  I want to see DEVELOPERS hear players for the game and update the game with a way for a better future for the game. I mean that this game HAD FUTURE but Zemi made things, like this, so not to earn money and players leave too.. WAKE UP and BRING IT BACK its worth like hell..

  So that was my oppinion. I think i envolved MANY THINGS into ONE. Game just dont need only one thing e.g. a new PvP mode BUT BIG CHANGES AND GOOD.!

Many Thank You For The Oportunity To Express Our Oppinions...
~Character Name: DeathConnect
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Sayone View Drop Down

Joined: 23.Aug.2016
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: 23.Aug.2016 at 5:39am
Hi GMs & Developers of Zemi - as a very old player & a fan of 4Story, I have wrote what I think the biggest problem with 4Story is, and I hope you read all of this.

As a long 4Story player since 2009, I always loved 4Story. There were many times I have quit the game but I kept coming back to the game. One of my favourite time was during 2012-2013 which I made so many friends online including many GMs & CMs such as CM Frosty and GM Tyrant. In April 2013, I was also offered to be a CM by GM Tyrant (I still have the email) - however the 4Story management team changed (thats what the new GM told me) and the CM offer was gone before I could even reply. Then the new BG came into the game. Personally, I really did enjoy BG at the start - I started quite late compared to other old famous BG players such as Kamz, Teddy, TheFate, Zero etc but I managed to rank up to be in top 15 for a very long time (under the name Sayone) until I quit in mid-2014 (my main is 2014).

I want to see you developers at Zemi to make BG a seperate mini-game to the 4Story world. Leveling up and rewards are too heavily involved to the 'real 4Story world'. Although I was a very competitive BG player, I was hoping you guys would remove BG because since it came out, we hardly see any new players grinding etc. I remember back in 2009/2010 on my first account (I was a Fug back then) where I saw so many new players hunting Murrays at those newbie map. I remember meeting and chatting to many people, doing quests together and hunting monsters together. Now the 4Story these days are all focused on BG, wars and making real money (which is 100% fair enough as you developers deserve to make money by running this awesome game). I wish you guys used your marketing side more towards the new players to make this game full of many kinds of people. As most of you know, whenever I come back to 4Story, I see the same old group of people logged on all the time - Bullard, Kamz, EddieMurphie, Aezar, xanxas, sofia, borad etc...

So in conclusion, I wish you either remove BG or change the system of BG so it does not interfere with the 'real' 4Story's world. In addition, I hope you make this game more newbie-friendly. Because I remember back in 2012 when I used to meet many newbies - which I gave out so many in-game money & items because they cannot even afford a +18. Without CS, it is pretty impossible to go up even to +12.

So that was my honest opinion - if CM Frosty and GM Tyrant still play & work with 4Story, please say hi to them from me. I will most likely to return soon.

<My most used & famous character name is Sayone. So please contact me through that name, thanks>

Kind Regards,
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Joined: 20.Jun.2015
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: 23.Aug.2016 at 6:05am
As Full Fan player on 4Story (like many people other people you made them leave) i want to express my deep oppinion!!

I want to agree with guys up to me cause are very true! Also want to add that BG is Fully P2W with medals and i know it cause on GF servers noone play.. except of premades and medalers all the other guys lose every game. You must have pro team and pro gameplay to win.

Now... I want to see ADVERTISMENTS on every social media and try advertise game on gaming-sport companies! But if you want advertisments have success need to shiw new players that yoy are interest of them!!! You have make globsl server like private (18-44 full from the beginning / 100lvl / new protectors on plussing / ecery time: new levels and gears) They are USELESS nees to careful of detailed things and hear players so advertiaments bring people play the game.... AGAIN!!

So that what i wanted to say. I JUST SAID ONE suggestion but i write how need to works and why!! So simple!!

I didnt make it for golds but for express my oppinion that you me tha chance to do this!
If you want to give me then sens them to: Lasting
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airrow View Drop Down

Joined: 13.Aug.2016
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: 23.Aug.2016 at 6:33am

As a... player that started playing 4$tory at around 2009-2010 and quit playing around the end of 2013.

I want... to tell you that your game has way too many 'pay to win' elements for its own good. Just stop with the pay to win policy.

So that... is all I got to say.

Huehue. Those guidelines suck.

Next question pls

Originally posted by Administrator Administrator wrote:

What is the ONE thing you want MOST in game?

I'm gonna be jerk and answer that question with another question, because I can and I want to. My question is as follows: Do you think you can change 4Story's current situation by fixing only ONE problem?

If you said 'no', well, that's exactly how I feel towards the original question.

If you said 'yes', then I laugh at ya. :^)

4$tory has too many problems to narrow down to a single subject. Classes are unbalanced. Cash shop sells power. Gear makes a HUGE difference in PVP. And the 28+ upgrade cap? lmao. Fire the moron that came up with that idea. The 140 level cap is ridiculous, any seasoned gamer wouldn't invest that much time in this cesspool of a videogame. I recommend ya revert back to level 93. 44 level pref gear? Burn 'em and pretend they never happened.

Right now this question feels like a mockery more than anything else. We all know Zemi takes criticism and flushes it down the toilet. So why do these type of threads/surveys continue to exist if Zemi doesn't want to listen to anything we got to say? Everyone else already made some pretty good points in the previous thread. Is there really any need to repeat this question? The answers will stay the same, because that's exactly what's wrong with the game.

I could go on and write a book worth of criticism for Zemi, but I would be just wasting my time. I know better. :3

So, in short: Zemi should start listening to the criticism they are getting and actually start working on fixing the game's heinous flaws with said criticism in mind.

I'm done here. Have a good day, ladies and gentlemen.

P.S: Oh and, Zemi, you should remove those quotes on the main page. They are misleading and outdated.

Edited by airrow - 23.Aug.2016 at 1:08pm
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