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Topic ClosedSuggestion - 1 thing you'd like to see. - Event Date: 19.Feb.2016 - 26.Feb.2016

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LakiArch View Drop Down

Joined: 22.Jun.2015
Points: 92
Direct Link To This Post Posted: 18.Feb.2016 at 6:20pm
1- STOP with pay to win policy and items which break pvp mechanics.
2 - MERGE SERVERS! Obviously Global == Korean not work (BOTW queue) like other server clusters (EU servers)
3 - More PVP content (BG is boring repeatable)
4 - INSTANT 140 IN WAR AREAS 24/7 not just during TW time , which will bring SHC WARS back.
5 - Dungeons/raids like original Mardok where is full party required to do and don't freaking nerf it. This game has no PVE.
6 - Again stop milking money and being greedy for money only , it will bring more players back. 

Look at all those private popular servers and think why players going there and not to official game.

One CS 1.6 own hosted server has more players then global 4s pvp (64)

p.s. Kem is love Kem is life

Originally posted by iQu1t iQu1t wrote:

un-ban my ass 
7- Unban Dawn.

Edited by LakiArch - 18.Feb.2016 at 6:31pm
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xaius View Drop Down

Joined: 10.Dec.2014
Points: 112
Direct Link To This Post Posted: 18.Feb.2016 at 7:15pm
Connect server with gameforge bg/botw.
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Ingenious View Drop Down

Joined: 18.Feb.2016
Points: 1
Direct Link To This Post Posted: 18.Feb.2016 at 8:04pm
Make Premium Shop items tradeable,
add more stuff into game like new dungs quests levels maybe ?give us something to do.
 hold regular events like a GM doing daily quiz's and rewards etc like in Gameforge UK server.
Also Nerf the 140 stats for lower levels, mainly everyone between 1-100 it is childish of how 140s can do less dmg and miss so many attacks, it is annoying to be killed by lvl 34s in pvp in a 1v1 against a 140 they have much less attack and defence and such as they arnt 140 which bonus isnt added because they arnt that level neither should their hit chance be increased.
fix the bugs if possible,
Try change the time frame for the wars such as second Aerial War, Territory/Seige War-This is because now that alot of players from other countries mostly European countries with a time 5 hours ahead of the global server set time it makes it around 3-4AM in the morning for us it is ridiculously stupid for people to wake up at that time to do wars, plus its at around what ? 11PM I think for americans? how crazy is that ? all other servers have their territory/seige wars at 6-7PM latest during the day that still would be good for us as it only means around 12PM everyone can do that, dont you think that would make more people interested in playing and staying around and bring back players ?
Link Battle of ground and Battle of worlds with Gameforge servers or something make it more fun as Battle of world hasnt started since summer last year and we barely have enough people playing the game YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING TO BRING BACK GAME INTO ACTION.
If even one or two of these main issues were altered I give you my word you will bring your server back into action and it will gradually influence and become popular once again look at all those private servers they started in similar situation and they grew your server was first to be ever made I believe? im pretty sure you can easily out take and get back in the game.

Edited by Ingenious - 19.Feb.2016 at 2:27am
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ishq963 View Drop Down

Joined: 29.Dec.2014
Location: Bellingham, WA
Points: 10
Direct Link To This Post Posted: 18.Feb.2016 at 9:44pm
Frankly all you need to do is make the game not Pay to Win. 

Free to play is awesome most people love free to play games. The problem is when the paying players have a huge advantage over the free players. 

You can fix this by making the Cash Items tradable that way to free players can farm to get money in game to exchange with paying players for the items they want from cash shop.

Paying in a game should get you ahead faster or there would be no reason to pay. 

But if paying is the only way to get there at all it becomes Pay to Win like the 4Story is.

Sure there is the gift CS items option but that is seriouslyt risking one person has to freely give over their Cash items or In Game money to the other one first which sets people up to be scammed.

Also as it were the Cash Shop is grossly over priced.

Most people only make around $8-$12 per hour at their jobs. You should consider that in making pricing for cash shop. Like you recently had an event where if you charge $500 you get a perma mount. That is batsh*t crazy sorry for the bluntness but it is just the truth people could buy 4 or 5 brand new release triple A title videogames for that much why would they want to spend that much on just one game for just one item not even full access to everything.
There is many other options to make the game less Pay to Win and Free to Play but Pay to Get Ahead.

Elder Scrolls Online got Best MMO award in 2015 you may want to check out how their Cash Shop works.

You could even add a new twist on the ViP system all ready in the game. Add a subscription option for $15 a month where you receive a top Speed Saddle for your mount an allotment of medals and some potions or something. 

Its really not that complicated to change from Pay to Win to a better model.

I suggest looking at some Major MMOs that do great while being free to play. 
Such as: Guild Wars 2, TERA, ElderScrolls: Online, (I hear WildStar is now or is going F2P), Star Wars: The Old Republic, Blade&Soul, Rift, Archeage(I hear it might be pay to win idk i havnt played it) , Aion, and many others that have thousand and thousands of active people online 24/7.

More people online means more money, in the long run the players will be more happy. 
Most importantly Zemi will make MORE MONEY then they do right now.

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ishq963 View Drop Down

Joined: 29.Dec.2014
Location: Bellingham, WA
Points: 10
Direct Link To This Post Posted: 18.Feb.2016 at 10:07pm
To expand on the subscription idea here ya go:

Hello Bomb here.

You recently made a forums post where you asked for one idea for improving the game. So here is my #1 suggest that would benefit the players and also Zemi Inc.

Add a Subscription option.

This subscription would not be required to play the game it would be a way to boost your account for a mere $15 a month. Lets say call it "Dedicated Player Rewards" or something like that you make the name idk lol.

Here are some ideas for that:

-Increase EXP for the month by an extra say %100

-50 Teleport and Summon Scrolls

-50 HP and MP cash pots

-100 Invisability and Speed potions

-Extra %5 Honor gains

-Top Speed Saddle for Mount 30days

-Being placed at the front of Battle Ground and Battle of Worlds Queues

-500 Medals

-%50 Increase Drop Rate from mobs

- 30Day Special Title that represents you are a "Dedicated Player"

-Early Access to any Events 

I think you get the idea.

Hope this helps,


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ishq963 View Drop Down

Joined: 29.Dec.2014
Location: Bellingham, WA
Points: 10
Direct Link To This Post Posted: 18.Feb.2016 at 11:53pm
I know this is sort of off topic but I really wish you would let people key bind bag slots. There isnt enough slots on skill bar and for hybrid warrior its sorta silly we have to manually click the sword/shield and axe to swap bak n forth.
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Lasting View Drop Down

Joined: 20.Jun.2015
Points: 74
Direct Link To This Post Posted: 19.Feb.2016 at 5:27am
May i have some mistakes but it is not my foreign language and i tried the bests please dont flame and if you dont understand something just ask.. ;)

1)    It would be a good idea to make infinite dragon better by improve and fix him for more enjoyment into the game.! Explain the idea ->  Every day we will must go there all together as a raid on the dragon. So if DeFugel kill dragon, will have a quest plus experience on quests completion and if Craxion kill dragon will have this plus then… BUT no GOR can do this (cause there will be problems with population). All players will have a reason to fight for this dragon. Totally dragon will become a PvE and a PvP contest with rewards for all and fun.!! Also change time to Battle Of Worlds cause it is the same time as dragon and with this event we can’t join them both.!! All these will offer to players a reason to go on dragon for more quest experience plus, pvp, pve, raids, fun, rewards.

2)    Add more dungeons [Raids] and  beautiful fantastic monsters on it with new animation styles and colours. Here we will gather gold and will have fun all team together so to make game less p2w. Also add dungeons so we drop crafting items that will be useful for crafting armors with points and crafting items from dungeons. So many of us will join on them and prices on items will grow up for more fun, balance on prices and competitive!

3)    A helpful idea: Add a window that will called “team searcher window”. There everybody will can make team by himself depended on what he is searching about. (For example: if someone want to make a team for “MardukNest” will open this window, will make an empty team with name “Marduk” will put requirements (like levels etc.) and will search players. Some players will open this window and will find the team they want easily not only for “Marduk nest” but and for other things like team for quests. This gives opportunity to join on a team easily, will learn the game better , old players will find teams easily to have fun more fast and the game will become more interesting and with more players to join on teams/raids.

4)    Add when we press G and we are not on a guild to show us different guilds and leader's name of each one. This will help new players to learn the game easily, to join wars with guilds and guilds to take more members. Now… members with not a guild will apply on 1 guild on this window and leader will check all the applications of other players on history of his guild if he want and will decide who want to join and who not. Its a sociable move to add this.!

5)    Make levels from over lvl100 faster and better with many ways.. ( e.g. My number2 idea with the killing of dragon every day will help that situation. Also make quests to give more quests to each player. Furthermore add quest plus event like exp plus event.) All these will help players to leveling more and have nice old days with the a good 4S this time..!

6)    Add different hairstyles and colors to hairs for its gender. BUT we wouldn’t choose them from the beginning of the game but only from Cash-Shop, so company of 4S will earn more moneys with no more p2w things.!

7)    Add when we kill enemies on enemy main town to earn more honor points (for example: defugels on main town of craxions and craxions on main town of defugel) to earn triple more points for each kill so to return back wars and battles on each enemy side like old days that all loved.

8)    Add when Gor players go to support each side to pay 5g each time so to balance a little better the population between Defugel and Craxions.

9)  Make more advertisements on internet and television with new animation and slogans because the already advertisements are old and awful. Each months send newsletters to players and ask them to write their opinion for the game and what they wait to improve in-game from you. So u will know better what players and game need and players will have a great contact will all of u for a better future of the game!!! Because players live the game and know it better like other games do the same too..!!

10) S.O.S. Add subclass that we will have when we arrive a needed level. All classes will have their own subclass!! So all players will have the reason to reach more and more levels!!

11) Add option: “shorting items” on the bag so it will shot our items automatically but pressing this button on bag!!.

12) Change: Add total honor points on the place of lucky number and put lucky number on bag is better.!!

13) Document 30level “Nezak” place. Add more monsters on this document and make more space because this place is very empty and very close. Also is trying and uncomfortable espacially while leveling with mentor.!!   http://i58.tinypic.com/4t1th5.jpg   http://i60.tinypic.com/epf4fn.jpg

14) Make UI better and make space on   screen cause is very uncomfortable too and permit players to have better view while gameplay! http://oi59.tinypic.com/5n3xc4.jpg

15) Make trainer wooden npcs on main towns (dafugel-valorians and craxion-Derion http://i60.tinypic.com/2jciuc5.jpg http://i59.tinypic.com/2nkgsi.jpg

16) More Gms Gas on game community managers e.t.c. the game need them!!

17) Shoutbox on website: an online chat on website in which players can communicate with GMs online and take answers from them!

18) More enjoyment really instructions for game and for new players with screenshots and guide-videos on YouTube Facebook twitter for each patch, new things, old things to learn and advertise the game from this way!!

19) S.O.S. REMOVE Christmas balls and other event items and Medals skill (potions etc.) from Tournament cause destroy the gameplay !!!!

20) ADD Change Name Scroll for Battleground!

21) Archer: Add Ability slow for only 2sec so not to be unfair.!

22) Correct student not to can kick mentor. Because there are problems between players.

23) Add an option on NPCs: if we have sold some items on npcs less than 1hour to can take them back before pass 1hour and pay the double price to take them back from npcs. Because when our bags are full of items sometimes we sell items that we need to keep and cant take them back again.. L So add the calling “repurchase or buyback' ;)

24) Increase TIME WAR for 15mins UP (more enjoyments and more chances to play and learn better gameplay)

25) Add a way to increase our battlegrounds tickets by 1.

26) Add Guild Achievements.

27) To can trade out ‘’ total honor points ‘’ and put them on the screen as old and put lucky number on bag that is useless.

28) Permit players enter on battleground during wars, castles and other like all these.

29) Create a website like dev bloger in which you will post the upcoming things on game and players will tell their opinion about them and what they want to change on them. So game (you) will have a nice communication with community and NO MORE WRONGS FOR GAME!

30) Not only player ranking list but and GUILD ranking list too…

31) Allow us can check how much points need to GrowUp our divisions on battleground each time in-game.

32) Organize Q&As for game with GMs GAs and Developers.

33) Daily rewards as old days in-game.

34)  ADD when we kill and enemy that is on ranking of total honor points to earn more points by triple. So new players can reach old players more easy. Give rewards to monthly top players on ranking in-game,

35) Wallpapers for each place we go while we are on teleporters.

36) Add Guilds Storage.

37) Smart Matchmaking on BG (balanced team with balance classes not many same classes on the same team)

38) In each patch please write together and a comment for each change you make .


1)    Correct the “Error Message”

2)    Correct lag and glitches.   http://i57.tinypic.com/5obmeg.jpg  http://i62.tinypic.com/2a4uyd4.jpg

3)    Fix graphics now is a mini level up to meincraft only -_- lel.!!

4)    Over the skills, there are medals skills and sometime we press them by mistake and lose our medals. So i suggest to put a mini icon next to map so to lock all the skill-bar and don’t spend them and don’t put our Skills Out..

5)    Add a mini-icon next to our quests we have accept this time and when we will press this icon it will hide these quests for more space on screen and better view in-game.

6)    Correct bugs on BG (with chats and whisper, titans sometimes bug, and correct hacks too are plenty!!! Moreover make BG more strategy when we play and BoW too (on BoW correct the earn of BP we take in battle). Add on BoW to earn little points from our member's kills (like wars).

7)    Fix not to can see the enemy pet when he is invisible is several.! (Because now we can see them)

8) Medals have a big BAD influence in-game and medals make the game VERY p2w and destroy the game!!!

9) Fix: Names on team at Battleground and Battle Of Worlds !

BattleGrounds and BoW:

1)      Larger penalties for players who go AFK or close system (ban and reduce the division)

2)      Balances Jungle and lanes on Battlegrounds . No one class has a particular role to play there.

3)      The same for players that disconnect  their connection by proposal (not just punishment ban but and reduce the division looking at the reason that led him to do this…)

4)      Improve System (match making) on battleground. Explain: from 10 players that join on the match to be all the class balance separated!! I was in the situation the enemies had 3 priests and 2 mages and me an archer and 3 warriors.. L So its was unfair!! THE CHANGE: organize this to can enter only 2 people of the same class in each team no more and to put players of each class in each team.! Also put premade players vs. other premade players. Stop to put solo(5%) duo(15%) trio(20%) quarto(35%) vs. premade players.

5)      Do not lose the reward if the system disconnect us a little bit time before the end.!!

6)      If someone is MvP of enemy team to lose instead of -50? -25

7)      Ban on the battlefield if the player has made a negative result many consecutive times e.g. five consecutive games with over 10 deaths and under five killings.

8)      Bonus if you win before 10 minutes (-> +10 win points no honor points)

9)      And bonus if the opponents surrended the match (surrender) (again +10 points and respectively -10 to losers on them who was agreed to surrended,  if you voted yes)

10)   Increase the value of s-7 (eye) each time you use it like on s-= on this values: 20-40-80-100medals and after reach the full value of medals to increase and the cooldown needs. This because reduce p2w and balance more each class BELIEVE ME ALL SAY THIS GAME GOES P2W NOW L

11)   Remove medals from tournaments (singles & team) this is p2w again and failure. Also remove christmas balls and ohers like these.

12)   If a player enter the Battleground without rings to have a basic set (18-18-180-180 all depends on each class basic stat. These stats of rings are very low with the newest patch came us so no problem on it) and the same on Battle Of Worlds!

13)   Create a ranking list for better players on Battleground who not use medals and play better and give mini rewards on them and on the monthly ranking players in-game and on total honor ranking players too …

14)   Give the opportunity on players to spectate match of Battlegrounds!!!!

15)   Battleground TOURNAMENT with teams and rewards monthly as usual and can spectate this.

16)   Battlegrounds tutorial and beginning level limit.

17)   Correct match making: Try put players with the same division together!

Do craft items (armors, weapon, crafts etc.) more expensive honor points and more valuable to be created.  Because now points have no big value are valueless! 

1)    <

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Tinleydude View Drop Down

Joined: 19.Feb.2016
Points: 2
Direct Link To This Post Posted: 19.Feb.2016 at 7:18am
(1) Well First of all, stop listening to kids. and people who do not want the game to get better
(2) There are way too many bans in this game and it is not family friendly. So, no caring parent want to bring their child in this game.
(3) Game itself is very nice, but it is the community that is very bad.
(4) Support system is very bad. Everyone knows now that zemi staff is very corrupt. Fix this issue please. I am afraid to play here because staff ban people for no reason and do not give any explanation and chance for redemption.
Those are the basic issues with this game that prevents me from playing here
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cristyy021 View Drop Down

Joined: 15.Jun.2015
Points: 5
Direct Link To This Post Posted: 19.Feb.2016 at 11:21am
Well, try to make it look as it was before, I mean 2009-2012 era...these were the years in which 4Story ruled.
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marcphilippw@gmail.com View Drop Down

Joined: 24.Feb.2016
Points: 6
Direct Link To This Post Posted: 24.Feb.2016 at 4:19am

Iam from 4Story DE ( Germany).

I think the first point to make 4 Story better is, that you have to work better with your publisher Gameforge together, because in Germany the Support / Team isn´t so good and they do nothing :(

Things to change / add :

- delete the global cooldown ( 0,5 sec.) 
   = > it makes the Game slower
- add new BG Maps with different options
   => it makes more fun :D
- make BG- Maps Events:
   for exmaple you say one week is ine the ice map 5x Battelpoints or  all article in the BG- shop are 50% cheaper
   => more people play BG -> more fun
- add a new Map, where all people can join ( Germany , Italy etc.) are 140 and have eq ( like BG only without time) and they can do pvp like in ardir hesed etc.
- increase the quest XP 100-140 

Maybe I add later something else.


4Story DE

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